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Go to the maximum level of reliability!

Additional security levels are always needed. Even NASA, which uses the most advanced technologies and materials, always develops multi-level backup systems. Life is such that you can insure yourself against certain risks, but it is simply impossible to predict the fatal confluence of circumstances.

However, we have a suggestion for this case as well: we are launching an FTP service where you can store full backups of your servers. And not just them! Our storage will become the most reliable safe for your work and personal materials, photo and video archives, as well as any other arrays of information that is not needed now, but may be useful later.

Our servers are located in top data centers with a multi-level security system, but, alas, even they are not yet immune from powerful natural disasters, civil upheavals, alien invasion or the appearance of Godzilla.

Therefore, if the absolute security of your data is important to you, consider our offer – and you will be pleasantly surprised not only by the parameters, but also by the tariffs. In the meantime, we wish all of us that the confluence of circumstances in our lives were exceptionally pleasant!

The tariffs are currently available for ordering in our billing service.


PQ. Hosting announces dedicated server auction!

Win - and rent a server at a super price!


2xX5670 2.93GHz - (12 Core 24 Thread) / 32 GB RAM/2x250GB/1Gbit/Anti-DDoS – 95€
2xX5670 2.93GHz - (12 Core 24 Thread) / 32 GB RAM/2x300GB/1Gbit/Anti-DDoS – 100€
2xX5670 2.93GHz - (12 Core 24 Thread) / 32 GB RAM/2x300GB/1Gbit/Anti-DDoS – 100€
2xX5670 2.93GHz - (12 Core 24 Thread) / 64 GB RAM/2x2TB/1Gbit/Anti-DDoS – 120€
2xX5670 2.93GHz - (12 Core 24 Thread) / 64 GB RAM/2x300GB/1Gbit/Anti-DDoS – 120€
2xX5670 2.93GHz - (12 Core 24 Thread) / 72 GB RAM/2x300GB/1Gbit/Anti-DDoS – 135€
2xE5-2450L 1.8GHz - (16 Core 32 Thread) / 96 GB RAM/2x300GB/1Gbit/Anti-DDoS – 150€
2xE5-2450L 1.8GHz - (16 Core 32 Thread) / 96 GB RAM/1x1TB/GPU 1GB/1Gbit/Anti-DDoS – 155€
2xE5-2450L 1.8GHz - (16 Core 32 Thread) / 128 GB RAM/1x960 GB & 4x146GB/1Gbit/Anti-DDoS – 185€
2xE5-2620 2.00 GHz - (12 Core 24 Thread) / 128 GB RAM/2x2TB GB & 4x300GB/1Gbit/Anti-DDoS – 200€


2xIntel Xeon E5-2680v2 2.8 GHz – (20 Core 40 Thread) / 256 GB ECC RAM/2x1 TB NVMe & 2x480 GB/1Gbit / Anti-DDoS - 500€ (Only 3 servers left).

You can add RAM and disks to any configuration on request.

Prices are indicated when renting for a month.

All auction servers have a list of nice bonuses:

*The price does not change for the entire rental period.
*When paying for a year – additional discounts.
*No hidden fees.
* Anti-DDoS from Voxility.
* Announce your networks for free.
* We will provide networks for rent.
* Ability to add a GPU.
* Remote Server Management Panel - ILO, permanent, free of charge.
* Unlimited traffic.
* Free full server administration. If you need to configure the server from A to Z, our specialists will do it for you.
* Free server installation, no installation fees.
* Quick installation. Delivery of the server on the day of the order.
* The ability to change the server configuration to suit your needs.
* Additional discount on bulk order.
* Control Panel: ISPmanager/VestaCP/Virtualmin-free or install the panel you need.

If you want another individual assembly that is not in the list, please contact our manager.

To order, please contact our senior sales manager:

Skype: live:.cid.ed1d00f0eb2583df

If you are not comfortable writing to the contacts above - register in our billing and create a ticket to the sales department for the position you are interested in.



Perfect spring with PQ. Hosting!

All residents of the Northern world are looking forward to the arrival of spring, but regular customers of PQ.Hosting are waiting for it more, because in the spring we give traditional discounts on the extension of any tariff.

And this spring is no exception! Extend your favorite tariff and get a 15% discount, as well as a great spring mood and a reliable server with support all year round!

And of course, do not forget that summer is coming soon – and for the summer we are preparing for you really hot news!

When renewing, enter the promo-code: "march".

The promotion will last until 20.03.2021



Our bot will save you from worries!

Hello! We have great news! Now clients are supported not only by our qualified staff, but also by artificial intelligence!

We have launched a telegram bot, with which you can make and place orders, buy services, manage your server and much more. To do this, you do not even need to register on our website.

We wish you a comfortable use of the new service and continue to work on new pleasant surprises for all our customers!

Meet our bot: @PQHosting_bot



Added Windows versions for your server.

Many customers request the installation of Windows "home" versions on their servers, so we decided to introduce this service for all tariffs, starting with Ruthenium and more powerful.

Now you can choose to install  Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 RUS on your server, as well as server Windows 2012r2, Windows 2012r2 RUS, Windows 2016 and Windows 2019.

We also remind you that if the list of our operating systems does not include the one that you would like to install, write to us: we are open to requests and suggestions from our customers around the clock!



Get IPv6 for free!

Due to numerous customer requests, we have added 50 free IPv6 addresses for our customers in the USA, Russia, the Netherlands, Moldova, Latvia, Hong Kong and Germany. To get a free IP address, please go to the corresponding section in your merchant profile.

If you order a new server in one of the above countries, you will receive a free IP address automatically.



Discounts on servers in Germany!

In Germany spring has definitely started ahead of schedule - because our prices are melting like snow under the warm April sun.

Order an annual subscription to our German server on February 23 and get 23% off, and 11.5% off when paying for six months.

To activate the discount, enter the promo code: "23022021"

We really want spring to come as soon as possible - so we will continue to warm up your interest in every possible way with various offers, promotions and discounts.
All the heat!



Hello! Tuesday

As you know, two more countries have recently been added – Germany and Canada. And in both countries, as usual, we conducted a thorough selection of data centers based on a variety of criteria – and in the end, we settled on two options.

In Germany, we hosted servers in one of Equinix's data centers, one of the market leaders with more than 20 years of history. The company has many data centers in different cities, but we decided on Frankfurt – one of the most important financial centers in Europe and the world. Our data center is directly connected to the world's largest traffic exchange point – DE-CIX Frankfurt, and also to ECIX, NL-ix, KleyReX and DATAIX. The convenient location of the data center allows you to get direct access to the world's most important business resources at maximum speed.

The Canadian data center is owned by Cologix, one of the leading telecom operators in North America. The space is located in the heart of Toronto, one of the largest business centers in the New World. The data center is equipped with state–of-the-art security systems, including round-the-clock armed security, and is directly connected to the Toronto-TorIX traffic exchange point.

Both data centers are TIER III certified – just like all the other data centers we work with.


We are already in Germany.

In Germany, our servers are located in the Equinix data center, in the financial heart of Germany – Frankfurt am Main. The data center is directly connected to the world's largest traffic exchange point – DE-CIX Frankfurt.

This is the best solution for those who need a direct connection to Germany's leading business resources, and also maximum speed in the global financial market.


Digital madness!

Two... one... zero? No, not zero, but as much as 21% discount on all tariffs VPS/VDS!
Why? Because today is the 21st day of the 21st century, and exactly from 21: 21 GMT+2, you can order the perfect hosting for 21% cheaper.
The promotion will be valid for exactly one day - so hurry up, the magic numbers on the clock are ticking!

The promo code, of course, is thematic - 21.01.2021

The promotion is valid both for ordering new services and for renewing current ones.



Canada is launched!

Now you can order VPS/VDS in Canada!

Our data center in Toronto, Canada, is owned by Cologix - one of the leading telecom operators in North America. The building of the data center is divided into separate sealed zones with round-the-clock armed security and doors with a "trap"system.
Uninterrupted operation is guaranteed by 25 diesel generators connected to four large fuel storage facilities. Water from Lake Ontario is used for cooling.


The best Christmas discounts are here!

Well, there is no need to say once again that the year 2020 was SPECIAL. You know that very well. And we are proud of you, because to survive such a year with maximum cheerfulness is still a challenge!

We want to quickly break into a more positive time, and especially for this purpose we introduce super discounts on our tariffs!


In honor of the year number 21 in the new Millennium, we offer you a 21% discount on three of our top rates!

Besides: 10% – for all other tariffs, except for the basic one: a 5% discount will apply to it.

Promo code: "2021” - will give you a discount.

This way, you can secure a whole year of perfect hosting at a super price. And we, like you, sincerely believe that the new year 2021 will finally give us all open borders, live communication and a world full of joy, impressions and new hopes.

We wish you good health, strong immunity and great success!

Happy New Year!


Canada is in touch!

Well, you probably already guessed. Yes, we will launch our perfect servers in Canada very soon! We will tell you more about the exact location and all the charms of our data center later.

Canada will be the ninth country where PQ.Hosting servers are available. We also remind you that you can choose the next country in an open vote on our website.


Do you want to make our hosting more convenient?

Connect our new service – SMS-mailing, in which for your convenience we will send out the most important news and messages.

This way you can always keep up to date with our new promotions, offers and, of course, new countries where we host servers. And we will have a huge number of countries and delicious promotions – we guarantee!
In addition, the newsletter is probably the most convenient reminder in case you forgot to extend the hosting service.

We have a great future ahead of us!

Enter your phone number in your profile and stay in touch with us.


PQ.Hosting is now available in Germany.

If you follow our news, you probably saw that we are conducting a survey: in which countries we should install our servers. And according to the results of the last survey, Germany won.

Of course, we will keep our word! Therefore, in the near future we will launch German PQ servers, and we will tell you about the exact launch date and let you know about our Data Center partner.

But, of course, we will not stop there. Voting for new countries is still relevant: choose the next country where you would like to place your projects (except Germany).

Feedback is very valuable to us – and we will always meet the wishes of our customers.

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