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Hello FINDVPSHOST-Readers,

your search may be over, because now we got the VPS-Ultra Edition with SSD Raid 10, Traffic Flat and a short contract period of 3 months. You can get this VPS from only 2.99 EUR / month and without setup fee. If you want a 48h-Testaccount please write us an E-Mail.

All prices including 19 % VAT (only for customers in the EU necessary).
Exchange rate: 1 Euro = 1,3537 US-Dollar (State: 06. February 2013)


Our goal was ist to set up a really high performant system for the VPS-Ultra Edition and think that we've dont this well. As always we are focusing on brand hardware.

The following hardware specifications describe one VPS node of the Ultra Edition:

CPU: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2670 (32x 2.60 GHz incl. Hyperthreading)
RAM: 64 - 128 GB Kingston ValueRAM Intel DDR3-1333 regECC
DISK: 16 - 24x 240 GB Intel SSD 520 Series
RAID: 10


We offer 4 different VPS-Plans. The following attributes apply to all VPS-Plans:

Root access: Yes
Traffic Flat: Yes*
Highspeed-Traffic: 1 TB
Connection: 1 Gbit
IPv4-Addresses: 1 (inclusive)
+1 IPv4-Addresses: 1,19 EUR per month (1,00 EUR excl. VAT)
IPv6-Addresses: 16 (more on request)
Guaranteed uptime: min 99 % (uptime of the last 12 months: 99,9 %)
Contract period: 3 months (renewal)
Cancelation period: 14 days before the end of the contract period
Virtualization: OpenVZ
TUN / TAP: Yes
Own hardware: Yes (no reselling)
Operating systems:

- CentOS 5 (32Bit / 64Bit)
- CentOS 6 (32Bit / 64Bit)
- Debian 6 (32Bit / 64Bit)
- Fedora Core 15 (32Bit / 64Bit)
- Fedora Core 16 (32Bit / 64Bit)
- Gentoo Stage 3 2012 (64Bit)
- Slackware 11.13 (32Bit / 64Bit)
- Ubuntu 10.04 (32Bit / 64Bit)
- Ubuntu 11.10 (32Bit / 64Bit)
- Ubuntu 12.04 (32Bit / 64Bit)

* The traffic is unlimited. The connection will be limited to 10 Mbit/s for the rest of the month if 1 TB is reached.

VPS Light - Ultra Edition for only 3.99 EUR / month (3,35 EUR excl. VAT)

CPU: 2x 2.60 GHz
RAM (guaranteed): 256 MB
RAM (burstable): 1024 MB
RAID: 10 (SSD)
MAX IPv4: 1
SPEED: 100 Mbit connection


VPS Start - Ultra Edition for only 5.99 EUR / month (5,03 EUR excl. VAT)

CPU: 3x 2.60 GHz
RAM (guaranteed): 512 MB
RAM (burstable): 2048 MB
RAID: 10 (SSD)
MAX IPv4: 2
SPEED: 100 Mbit connection


VPS Pro - Ultra Edition for only 8.99 EUR / month (7,55 EUR excl. VAT)

CPU: 3x 2.60 GHz
RAM (guaranteed): 1024 MB
RAM (burstable): 4096 MB
RAID: 10 (SSD)
MAX IPv4: 3
SPEED: 1 Gbit connection


VPS Premium - Ultra Editionfor only 17.99 EUR / month (15,12 EUR excl. VAT)

RAM (guaranteed): 2048 MB
RAM (burstable): 8192 MB
RAID: 10 (SSD)
MAX IPv4: 4
SPEED: 1 Gbit connection



Need some reviews? Check out these websites:


We have 3 payment methods from which you can choose. You can always change the payment method.

1. Bank Transfer
2. PayPal ( + 0,60 EUR per invoice (0,50 EUR excl. VAT)
3. Skrill ( + 0,60 EUR per invoice (0,50 EUR excl. VAT)


We have 4 payment intervals and with 3 of them you get discount. Just choose your destinated payment period in the ordering process:

Every month = no discount
3 months = 2% discount
6 months = 4% discount
12 months = 10% discount

So for example you can save 11,99 EUR (incl. VAT) by 12 months payment if you pick the VPS Premium or 7,19 EUR (incl. VAT) if you pick the VPS Pro - it is your decision!


The administration of your VPS via SolusVM is incredibly easy and allows you to manage it on your own.

Reboot: Yes
Reinstall: Yes
KVM-over-IP-Switch: Yes
Rescue-System: Yes
Reverse DNS: Yes
Traffic overview: Yes


The data center:

We are housed in the data center of KPN EuroRings B.V. in Düsseldorf (Germany), which fulfills the high standards and provides an high performance connection. The data center is equipped with a redundant power supply via UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and emergency power generators, climate control and a gas extinguishing system.

KPN is the leading telecommunications and ICT service provider in the Netherlands and offers their end users-products (telephone, internet and television) well as B2B beneftis. This makes them not only complement their portfolio, it expand their own network through the demands of their customers. With locations around the world KPN is a very reliable partner - that's why we have made a good decision.

The Network:

Our technical infrstructure consists of components from Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks which ensure the professional operation. The systems are connected with 3 Gbit/s and the current infrastructure is able to be connected with 10 Gbit/s without a hardware upgrade. So we are optimally equipped for the challenges of the future.

The routing is the core function of an ISP (Internet Service Provider) which is why there should be no compromise. We have confidence in this very important task to the manufacturer Juniper Networks with its high-end products in the segment of carrier-class router. Our connectivity is provided by three independent carriers and allows us to guarantee an availability of 99% per year. We have chosen us for two international and a regional carrier - Tinet, Cogent and Clanotopia.

Our servers:

For our VPS we only use high quality systems from DELL and Supermirco. We rely on years of expertise in the server business and are aware of their abilities. The internal components come from reputable manufacturers such as Intel, Cisco, Kingston, Samsung and many more. Our goal is to impress you with our VPS and that only works with high quality equipment.

The Company:

Founded in early 2011 First Root consists of experienced staff member. Partial for more then 10 years in business we just know what our customers need. You always reach on of us and we will together solve your concerns. We set great importance to humanity in this technology-heavy business.

Individual hosting solution:

If you are looking for an individual hosting solution, then write a message and we will find a way to make you satisfied too.


Want to know more? We look forward to hear from you.

Best regards,

Bernd (CEO) & Michael (CEO/CTO)

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First Root UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Münsterstr. 330
40470 Düsseldorf


Phone: +49 211 / 41 74 12 23 (Mo. - Fr. 09:00 - 18:00 CET)

Register court: Amtsgericht Düsseldorf, Germany
Register number: HRB 66599

Tax ID No.: DE815299021

Managing directors: Michael Hoffrath, Bernd Janßen