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General VPS Hosting Discussion / Everest cloud host
« on: August 10, 2017, 04:15:09 AM »
 Greetings everyone!
I want to consult with you, dudes. I need help in choosing cloud ssd hosting solution for my new project.
What can you say about cloud ssd hosting services? Are they reliable?
Thanks in advance.

General VPS Hosting Discussion / Hourly billing service
« on: June 27, 2017, 03:57:06 AM »
Good day!
I have web application so I needed to rent hosting to make some tests.
I prefer to use bitcoins as payment option. Digitalocean cloud hosting service was suitable for my demands, but they don't accept btc.
I've decided to search for some ways to get it and have found, they resell DO hosting on an hourly billing accepting bitcoins, I can purchase droplets for several hours for my tests, that is awesome.
Hope it would be useful for you too.

General VPS Hosting Discussion / Wordpress hosting
« on: June 02, 2017, 04:30:48 AM »
Looking for Wordpress hosting and I have a question regarding
If their cloud hosting solutions fit for Wordpress?
Any feedback?
What can you say about their uptime and performance?

General VPS Hosting Discussion / Hosting for Joomla site
« on: April 11, 2017, 06:04:35 AM »
I would like to ask some experts help.
Want to choose the hosting provider for my new-built Joomla site.
Any info on
What do you think about their reliability, would they meet my needs?

General VPS Hosting Discussion / rock-solid dedicated server
« on: April 11, 2017, 04:51:08 AM »
 I need your assistance regarding the choice of web host to order rock-solid dedicated server.
One of my friends recommended me to try - still not sure about this web host.
I need your help to find any info on their server stability. What can you say about them?

General VPS Hosting Discussion / Any info on
« on: April 11, 2017, 03:54:59 AM »
Hello everyone! I have noticed and seems they are providing hosting solutions with all needed features for me. The only issue I have is that I don't have much knowledge on their services, does anyone have personal experience with them?

General VPS Hosting Discussion / DDoS Protected Server
« on: January 09, 2017, 03:54:01 AM »
 I am looking for rock-solid server host with 1gbitps port and reliable ddos protection.
After some research I have found that perfectly fit my needs. However I don't know anyone having experience with them.
Do you know anything about the speed, server stability and customer support provided by them?

General VPS Hosting Discussion / European Server
« on: December 13, 2016, 04:25:41 AM »
 I have just started a new project in Europe and I need help to choose the right dedicated server host.
One of my friends recommended me to try and their servers. Is it ok?
They look trustworthy. But what host would you choose? And why

General VPS Hosting Discussion / pmgchosting for streaming server?
« on: November 21, 2016, 04:18:22 AM »
Hello folks!
I wonder if is quality company which provides fast stable streaming servers on sweet terms?
What can you say about their hardware, networking and support?
Are they worth it?

General VPS Hosting Discussion / ssd reseller host
« on: October 27, 2016, 06:00:27 AM »
 I need help to choose the best web hosting provider offering ssd reseller hosting deals (preferably in USA).
Do you think that is reliable one? Any experiences?
What hosting provider can you recommend me to choose? Any recommendations?

General VPS Hosting Discussion / Luxembourg Servers
« on: September 13, 2016, 06:58:19 AM »
 Do you know any server provider in Luxembourg? I need linux server with rock-solid hardware and networking I need to get powerful servers and skilled support team who know how to manage their hosting. What can you say about Are they trustworthy? What do you know about them?

General VPS Hosting Discussion / WooServers Solutions
« on: June 27, 2016, 03:42:14 AM »
 Good day to you! Have you ever tried dedicated servers provided by
Are they the best to get servers from? How is their customer support, server stability and network uptime?

General VPS Hosting Discussion / SSD Reseller Plans
« on: April 15, 2016, 07:47:49 AM »
Hello everyone!
I have about 10 accounts and need to migrate from a host who is being irresponsible in answering tickets and stuff.
If someone can recommend me a good reliable host with decent support when needed.
How is ssd reseller hosting service?

General VPS Hosting Discussion / good hosting account
« on: April 15, 2016, 04:20:46 AM »
 I want to make a notion on the most reliable hosting providers offering hosting accounts mainly in South African Region.
Having done a search I found - they both look to be good according to my budget.
What can you say about their services?

General VPS Hosting Discussion / Fastest European Servers
« on: March 24, 2016, 03:18:27 AM »
I need host offering fastest European dedicated hosting deals.
HDD - 400GB, RAM - 6GB, Bandwidth - 8TB, Linux.
After some research I've found What can you say about them?

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