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Do you know any reliable web hosting provider which offers secure and affordable linux VPS hosting plans in Hong Kong or near country? I have found out hosthongkong.net, but still have hesitations about their reliability. Do you know them?

Have you done research on this host with the help of review websites? As I know hosthongkong.net services are trustworthy and quality. You will receive high stability of network and servers, support is skilled.

I know my limits and don't have to worry about violating any unwritten terms of service. Especially since Hosthongkong.net provide a massive amount of bandwidth in their vps hosting package.
Uptime has been rock solid! Web page loads fast and my visitors do not complain.

 I know that hosthongkong.net company has quite amazing user-friendly hosting plans which are well-supported and their prices are modest. Use them with no hesitations.

Thanks for your assistance. Now I am sure in reliability of hosthongkong.net. I like their uptime, support response time and pricing.


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